Shell shockers

Shell shockers unblocked ! It is a known fact that winning against experienced players is quite difficult. Especially if you are newbie, you have no chance of survival more than one minute. A new player who does not know how to play the game, possibly will be killed within short times. That is surely annoying. Therefore you have to know how to play Being an experienced player may take some time but you should at least know about game controls.

How to play ? 

In order to move your player across the battlefield, you will need to press ASDW or arrow keys. A left-click enables you to fire your weapons and kill other players. The space key is for jumping  while you need to press the E key to switch between your weapons. The shift key enables you to take aim at your enemies and the Q key lets you to throw a grenade at other players.

Shell shockers

  • Shell shockers
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Shell shockers